When it comes time to decide on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it can become more complicated than you could have imagined. This is especially true when there is a group of you trying to figure out what sounds the tastiest. Sometimes the argument can seem never-ending, with everyone having their own suggestions and not coming to an agreement with what anyone else wants. More often than not, you end up settling for something that is simple yet not too appetizing. Now you can stop settling on the same old same old! Spice up your next meal and give your tastebuds something to celebrate by visiting our Latin restaurant here in Clayton County! 

We wanted to provide the people in Atlanta and the surrounding areas with food that is not only unique, but also incredibly delicious as well! Welcome to our first blog post! Make sure that you keep an eye out on this page because we will consistently be posting out interesting information about our restaurant, special offers, and even facts about authentic Latin dishes, their origins, the culture of the various countries that serve Latin food, and so much more! In this first post, we want to help you get to know more about our bar and grill. Fair warning, some images and descriptions that will be used in this and future posts will make your mouth water! The good news is, you can simply come visit us and try our dishes for yourself! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

The Wonders of Latin Food

The world is full of incredible places to see and, of course, food to try. But there is no other food out there quite like Latin food. Whether you are looking for something with a little extra spicy kick, cheesy goodness, some perfectly cooked meat, what have you, you can rest assured that you will find something that will make your stomach happy. While we are all accustomed to Mexican food, not many people in the states know much about Latin food in general. That’s what we would like to change! While each region’s food has its own unique styles and flavors, which we will go into in-depth in future blogs, we want to provide you with just a basic overview of some of the Latin food that we serve.


It’s pretty difficult to completely pin down exactly what Colombian food is like. Part of this is because the country is just so massive so preferences and ingredients can differ depending on what area of Colombia you are in. To put it as simply as possible, if you are ordering a Colombian dish, then you can expect a wide variety of soups and grilled meats, rice dishes and, yes, carbohydrates and cheese!

El Salvador

Traditional Salvadoran food has been around for centuries, going all the way back to the countries indigenous groups. A lot of dishes include the use of corn. Some of what you can expect to find in Salvadoran food are incredible soups and salads, empanadas, and a favorite here at our Latin restaurant, pupusas. If you have never had a pupusa in your life, you need to come see us right away! Pupusa is a type of thick flatbread well-known in El Salvador and can be made with rice flour or cornmeal. But, although the bread is to die for, that’s not where the tastiness ends. The pupusa is then stuffed with one or many other ingredients including cheese, beans, squash, pork, chicken, and so much more. If you’re planning on visiting us, do not forget to add a pupusa to your order.


Who doesn’t love Mexican food? It is one of the most common options for people looking for a place to eat. The problem is that most of the Mexican restaurants that you go to aren’t authentic. Not here at Los Amigos! We make sure to use only the freshest ingredients and cooking methods known to Mexico. Whether you are looking for an authentic Mexican style burrito, fajitas, or some carne asada, you’ll find it here!

Why Choose Us?

We know that you have options when it comes to where you go to eat, but you don’t want to just pick the most convenient or the same place that you always decide to go to! You want to treat your body and taste buds right! Here are a few reasons why we should be your next dining experience!

Try Something New

If you’ve gotten into the habit of choosing between the same couple types of food or the same restaurants, you are missing out on so much delicious food! Los Amigos will offer you new foods for you and your family to try that we guarantee you will all enjoy!

Friendly Staff and Comfortable Environment 

Here at our Latin-fusion restaurant, we have high standards and want every single one of our customers to be satisfied. Not only are we committed to serving you tasty food, but we want you to enjoy it in a fun, clean, and comfortable environment. Don’t be surprised if Los Amigos becomes your new favorite place to come eat.


We can’t leave out the main reason that you should come to visit. We are so proud of the food that we offer and make sure that we are always serving the best. From the preparation to the ingredients to, of course, the taste. We are always striving to be the best!

If you have any questions about our Latin restaurant in Clayton County, then go ahead and contact us today, or come on by. We look forward to seeing you and showing you just how incredible Latin food truly is! From Honduras to Mexico, Colombia to El Salvador, come see what we have to offer! Make sure that you continue to follow our blog for even more useful and interesting information and get ready for a whole new dining experience.