Whether you live in the Forest Park area or are just dropping through, your taste buds deserve a treat! Sure, you can stop by the usual fast-food restaurants and get meals that aren’t even slightly satisfying, or you could think outside of the box and bring yourself and your loved ones to a unique dining experience! Here at Los Amigos Latin Bar & Grill, we offer a variety of Latin inspired plates that will have your mouth watering before even taking a bite. While we have a variety of delicious options to choose from including tacos, tortas, and burritos, we have one plate that has our customers coming back for more — our pupusas! Have you never had one before? That needs to change! Learn more about pupusas in this blog post and if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us today. Or, better yet, visit our Latin restaurant in Forest Park today!

What Is a Pupusa?

Pupusas are not very complicated, but oh boy are they tasty! To put it simply, a pupusa is a hand-made dish crafted out of thick corn, rice, or potato dough. While this is good on its own, the real taste comes from the various fillings that you can choose from. Traditionally, pupusas are filled with beef, beans, cheese, or pork, but the glory of this meal is that you can really put anything in it! We offer a wide range of selections so you are sure to find something that matches your taste preferences. The Tex-Mex equivalent of a pupusa is a gordita if that helps you get a better understanding of the entree. All of our pupusas are served with homemade cabbage salad and fresh tomato sauce to add to your dining experience. 


If you have never heard of pupusas before, we completely understand. For some reason, they aren’t well known in America, but if you ever happen to visit El Salvador, you can find a place offering pupusas on nearly every street that you walk on. This is because they are the national dish of El Salvador! There is a little bit of controversy whether El Salvador or Honduras is the actual birthplace of the pupusa, but either way, El Salvador has taken its claim. It is believed that pupusas were first created by the Pipil tribes and were originally vegetarian and in the shape of a half-moon. It wasn’t until around 1570 when meat began to be used in the savory dish. During the 1940s, due to people fleeing the country because of the Salvadoran civil war, other parts of the world began to see what pupusas were all about. Don’t be surprised if they see a surge in the upcoming years and become popular all throughout the states!

Wide Variety

As we mentioned before, one of the greatest things about pupusas is the wide variety of options that you have to choose from. Here are a few of the pupusas that we offer at our Latin restaurant here in Forest Park:

  • Revuelta – Pupusa stuffed with cheese, refried beans, and pork
  • Loroco Con Queso – Contains cheese and Loroco flower
  • Carne AsadaStuffed with cheese and steak
  • LocaThis pupusa contains cheese, ham, jalapeno, spinach, squash, pork, Loroco, chicken, and beans
  • Super PupusaIf you are feeling especially hungry, the Super Pupusa will certainly fill you up! It is a giant tortilla that is stuffed with cheese, ham, jalapeno, spinach, steak, squash, pork, Loroco, chicken, and beans.

If your stomach has been rumbling the entire time that you have been reading this blog post, then it’s pleading for you to come try our pupusas! Contact Los Amigos Latin Bar & Grill today if you would like more information.