1. Latin Foods

    Are you looking for something to eat but don’t want to go to the same ol’ place that you and your loved ones usually go to? Spice up your life by trying out something new! Here at Los Amigos Latin Bar & Grill, we are proud to offer our guests delicious food from Latin American countries. Whi…Read More

  2. Why You Should Try a Pupusa

    Whether you live in the Forest Park area or are just dropping through, your taste buds deserve a treat! Sure, you can stop by the usual fast-food restaurants and get meals that aren’t even slightly satisfying, or you could think outside of the box and bring yourself and your loved ones to a unique…Read More

  3. Welcome to Los Amigos Latin Bar & Grill

    When it comes time to decide on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it can become more complicated than you could have imagined. This is especially true when there is a group of you trying to figure out what sounds the tastiest. Sometimes the argument can seem never-ending, with everyone ha…Read More